New App from RC3: Joustin’ Beaver

Joustin’ Beaver needs your help!

He’s floating down the river signing as many “Otter-graphs” as he can. But the evil “Phot-Hogs” will stop at nothing to get a photo of JB when he least expects it.

Help Joustin’ Beaver navigate the river, sign “Otter-graphs,” and knock “Phot-Hogs” into the river with his lance.

If the “Phot-Hogs” float past JB, they’ll snap a scandalous photo for the front page of their website. Then it’s game over. Remember, the farther you go, the more famous you become and the more difficult it will become to avoid the “Phot-Hogs.”

One more thing, do not let JB get caught up in the “Whirlpool” of success or you could both spin out of control!

Try to get as many fans as possible and pretty soon you’ll setting records, accepting prestigious awards, and even becoming a “Beaver God!”

Tilt device side-to-side to maneuver JB left to right.
Wipe or touch the screen to extend lance.

+10 Knock off Phot-Hog
+100 Joust Phot-Hog (extended lance)
+200 Meet Otter-graph seeker
-200 Joust Otter-graph seeker (extended lance)

For more info contact inquiries(at symbol)


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New App from RC3: Fan Mail

This was a joint project between WAPE morning DJ and Local Celebrity Mark Kaye and myself.

You can get more information about it on the official website at and follow it on twitter @FanMailApp

Movie Stars, Pop Stars, TV Stars, and Pro Athletes get tons of mail from adoring fans everyday! But do they really need it? Why do only the rich and famous get letters of encouragement form total strangers? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get Fan Mail too? Well, now you can!

Fan Mail is the app that turns anyone into an instant celebrity!

Fan Mail AppSimply download Fan Mail, enter your first name, occupation, and email address and you will start receiving letters from adoring fans immediately! Everyday you will get new messages of encouragement and adoration from all of the people who are inspired and awestruck by you.

Imagine the power of hearing praise from total strangers! Each piece of Fan Mail you receive will boost your confidence and make you realize that you may not be rich and famous, but you are a star and you make a difference!

Your own private Fan Mailbox will fill up often so keep checking back for more letters everyday!

Download the app now and start getting your own Fan Mail today. Because you too are a star, and every star deserves a little Fan Mail!

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Shows4Pros v2.0 Update is Here

Put the final touches on Shows4Pros v2.0

Your wishes were our commands and we delivered:

  • Bulk Upload of Images
  • Load/Save Functionality
  • Music Soundtrack

Not to mention the previously added:

  • Video Out
  • Transition Speed
  • Optimized Memory

This all coming together in the product for your iPad and iPhone that allows you to create your own photo presentations.   Unlike the built in slideshow from Apple, Shows4Pros allows you to select from multiple albums, add/delete photos from the slideshows, and arrange the order.

Read more about this product on it’s site:

Get it now:

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New App from RC3: Tinseltown Trivia

Grab your popcorn and your movie trivia knowledge

Our first foray into the trivia game world is now in the App Store.   Tinseltown Trivia challenges you to answer 100 questions (for now) on all types of movie trivia.

An interface to Game Center is included, so you’ll be able to compete against your friends and post your high scores.

Get it today in the iPhone app store at

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Island Hopping

Took a short vacation to celebrate a BIG birthday. Ready to get back in the saddle and push out some new apps and updates.

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App Update: Tennis News and Rumors

Updates to the schedule and some changes to the tabs are included in the latest rendition of Tennis News and Rumors.

Thanks ATP and WTA (if I can call you that)


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New App from RC3: MPC – My Prayer Circle

A non-denominational prayer circle app for both iPhone and Android.

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Not a bad way to end 2010

We ended up with 2 apps listed in iTunes in the Top 10 Paid iPad Sports Apps for 2010.

All the best to everyone who helped us get there and here’s to even more success for everyone in 2011.

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New App from RC3: Shows4Pros

Just a mention of a new iPhone/iPad app we developed, Shows4Pros is the ultimate photo slideshow for displaying your photos on your iPad or even iPhone. Allows you to do all the things the built in slideshow doesn’t: Customizations, change order, select across multiple albums, etc.

A new version is in the works also, but the price will go up. Get it now and you’ll get the update free.

More info on the product site:

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iPad iOS 4.2

Unfortunately I can’t divulge more than most of you already know, but having installed the iPad iOS 4.2 Beta I have to let you know that I am pleased.

Staying within the rules of the developer agreement I have with Apple, I will tell you my 2 favorite “announced” enhancements:

The old way of printing from your iPad

1 – Folders – Yes, I probably have a few too many applications installed on my iPad, but I’m guessing many other iPad users have that same issue. With the same folders system as we have in the current iPhone iOS, the pages of apps went from 7 to TWO. I love being able to categorize my apps and make workflow so much easier.

2 – Print – Again, without violating the strict rules Cupertino has in place, I will tell you that I really like this feature. Still some kinks to work out, but the ability to print just about anything from my iPad is a wonderful alternative to what you see on the right…

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New App from RC3: BS Flag

How many times has it happened to you? You’re sitting there with some friends and the obnoxious one is sharing something that is so full of fallacy that all you can do it bite your tongue. Now you don’t have to… Fire up your iPhone and wave it in the air and watch the BS flag raise and wave. Options include audio and more explicit version.

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Diversity Day @ The Office

Diversity Day @ The Office

Ok, so we didn’t actually have a diversity day like “The Office”, but we did take another step in widening the development spectrum. RC3 Inc. is now officially a developer for the Google Android Platform.

Android Market

The main focus will remain on the iTunes store, and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, Touch), but it doesn’t hurt to expand the horizons.

Will probably start simple and port an existing app over to the Android Market and then go from there.   We’ll keep you updated.

Buddy and Bird

Buddy and Bird

SPEAKING OF DIVERSITY…  Check out the new iPad / iPhone app we released this week:

The iPhone / iPad version is now in the app store at:

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A New Phone… Part 1

No, I’m NOT switching from my iPhone 4. Wouldn’t think of it, and it’s still my favorite for both everyday use and development.

However, since I’m exploring the Google Android platform, I’m also having to explore new phones for testing. So enter the Droid X from Motorola. I already had a Verizon account still active, so that made the carrier decision for me. After a little research I found that most people were drooling over the Motorola Droid X. Well, it lasted 29 days out of the 30 day trial.

Droid X Profile

Droid X Profile - Such a fat upper lip

There really wasn’t much I liked about the phone itself. It was an awkward size and that was multiplied by fat upper lip.

I realize that Motorola wanted the Droid X to be very media friendly. That being said, using it as a phone felt like I was holding my iPad to my face. If I want to watch movies and other media, I guess I just prefer my iPad. I don’t think Steve Jobs had this in mind…

Motorola also couldn’t make up their mind between touch screen and physical buttons.  You jump between a semi-responsive screen and clunky buttons at the base of the phone with no rhyme or reason.

I won’t go into the OS too much other than to say day 29 I was able to upgrade to Froyo and that didn’t change my mind about the phone going back.

There are plenty of reviews of the Droid X, so I won’t really go into much more. You either love it or you hate it. And I hated it.

Bring on the Samsung Fascinate… (at least for another 30 days)

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Up, up, and away…

Time to get start tracking progress and updating everyone on the development side of the house.   For those of you that don’t know, that’s the office at the top of the stairs.

First things first, the sports apps continue to be the bread and butter and there are some fun changes coming.  I could tell you, but then I’d have to take your iPhones (or whatever crappy phone you’re using instead).

Crappy phones withstanding, I am exploring the “Android” dev platform and will be pushing out a few apps to the other evil empire located in Mountain View, CA.

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